Performance Tweaks for Windows XP (Novice Users)

Performance Tweaks for Windows XP for Novice Users

This is the simplest step by step performance tweaks for Windows XP guide made for novice users. These Windows XP Performance Tweaks applies to ALL Windows XP users (Professional, Home, SP1, SP2, SP3) and will greatly speed up your Windows XP PC and make it MORE SECURE!


Step 1: Open the Start Menu, then locate and click "Run"
Step 2: A window should appear labeled "Run" then type "msconfig" in the text box and click "OK"
Step 3: A new window should appear labeled "System Configuration Utility" then click the "Services" tab on the top of the window.
Step 4: Then click "Manufacturer" section and it should organize the list by manufacturer.
Step 5: Feel free to un-check any NON-Microsoft service that you do not use by clicking on the checked boxes. (USE: if you need help)
Step 6: Then click the "Startup" tab on the top of the window and un-check any NON-C:\WINDOWS\ (under the command section) programs that you do not need to start when turning on your computer. (USE: if you need help)
Step 7: Click "Apply" (bottom right of the window) and then click "OK"
Step 8: A windows should pop up prompting you to restart your computer, click "Restart" and behold your computer's new fast speed!

Check back often for more easy, step by step, effective, and safe Windows XP Performance Tweaks!

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